Membership Research  

Infocorp are experts at conducting membership research. We work with agencies and member organisations directly to deliver robust and reliable information about members and stakeholders. Our experience is wide ranging and we are able to undertake even the most complex projects.

‘Our ‘3P’ approach to membership research guarantees success.

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B2B Research  

We specialise in B2B research providing a broad range of survey methodologies. We have expertise across a variety of sectors. Our specialist B2B interviewing teams are adept at completing interviews with business professionals at all levels.

We work with agencies and businesses directly to deliver reliable and robust business research.

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Qualitative Research  

We offer a range of services to support in-depth qualitative research projects. These range from recruitment to in-depth interviewing, moderation and reporting. We can work from your sample or source participants for you.

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Public Sector Research  

We specialise in managing surveys on behalf of the public sector. We deliver reliable and robust surveys amongst residents, businesses and Stakeholders.

We offer a wide range of methodologies and provide fieldwork and analysis only or full-service and insight option.

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Field and Tab Services  

We provide a fast, flexible, reliable and robust field and tab service to research agencies and end users alike.

We deliver qualitative recruitment, in-depth interviewing, telephone interviewing, face-to-face interviewing and online surveys in the UK and around the world.

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Infocorp have run a series of conjoint projects integrating phone and web data collection for us over the past 12 months.  We use them because they give us total confidence that they have the technical depth and attention to detail that these complex programmes require.  Their approach has been thorough, innovative and most importantly accurate and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for an agency that will make the difficult easy for them  
Francisco Pinedo - Sweeney Pinedo  
I've now been running my own research business for some years, and my ability to win new business and grow client accounts is dependent on the quality of the suppliers I partner with. Infocorp have been a key element in the development of my business over that time. Just in the past year, I have called on their services for face-to-face hall tests, international quant telephone fieldwork and DP, recruiting business focus groups (including arranging venues and incentives) and some highly complex online B2B industry benchmarking surveys. Consistently reliable, high quality service is the Infocorp hallmark: I am well aware that my business with them is quite modest by comparison with their bigger agency clients, but they always make me feel that my assignments matter, they always get back to me quickly when needed, and always help me solve my research problems as speedily and efficiently as possible. On top of all this, I always find Infocorp services are competitively priced, and in line with the kinds of budgets my clients are expecting.  
Russell Bell – Rekindle Research  
Over the past 3-4 years, Infocorp have emerged for me as the one company who consistently remains top of the pack. For us, having a team who are as dedicated to the project as we have to be is critical – be it in terms of impossible timelines or developing an impossibly complex piece of programming into something that is neat, concise and tight for our end respondents and clients. Ultimately, it’s fair to say that our most complex and difficult work always goes to Infocorp, because we know then that we’re in safe hands.  
David Eatwell – Double Helix Developments  
We work with Infocorp because of their experience and professionalism in managing telephone surveys and processing data. They keep to deadlines, have professional interviewers and deliver to quotas - so much so that the last survey they did for us the findings did not have to be weighted as the quotas were spot on. That's never happened to me before.  
Neil Wholey – Westminster Council  
Infocorp has been conducting data analysis of Alzheimer’s Society surveys for over four years, providing invaluable support for our campaigning work. We have found them to be expert in meeting our needs; processing large volumes of surveys and analysing qualitative data from open questions. Our surveys often have tight deadlines, uncertain response rates and contain very sensitive data; Infocorp accommodate all these challenges with keenness and professionalism.  
Chris Quince - Senior Policy Officer - Alzheimer's Society  
Infocorp are our first choice for telephone surveys because of their dedication and professionalism. We use them for a number of complex studies including speaking to hard-to-reach samples about sensitive subject matters. Scripting and data processing is prompt and accurate and the field team always deliver on time and to spec.  
Pete Canning - The Nursery Research and Planning  
I really enjoyed working with the Infocorp team. They competently assumed management of the research project, providing a very robust methodology and execution. The service delivered was professional and within the agreed budget and timescales. It's a pleasure to be able to work with a supplier who gives you the confidence that they will get on and do the work to a high standard, without fuss or time wasting. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any potential client.  
Georgina Appleton – Westminster City Council