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You may think that dashboards are a bit pointless, just another way of organising data, a bit like a report really but with less detail. But there are times when dashboards really come into their own. It's knowing when to use them and how to design and create them easily and affordably that can really make a difference.

Infocorp makes this easy by offering a dashboard design, build and host service. There is no need to buy expensive software, spend weeks learning how to use it, or pull your hair out because the graphic or widget you want in your dashboard isn't included.


Infocorp's Vision

Dashboards that deliver

With so much data available it is essential to be able to provide the most critial information in a timely way that communicates to your audience. More than ever before organisations are using Dashboards to communicate key information to both internal stakeholders and external clients.

The key to this is the distillation of key information presented in a way that informs and empowers. It is having the flexibility and skills to create a Dashboard that not only looks good but tells people what they need to know.


Summer holiday specials

Our interviewers will have carried out over 20,000 interviews in July, that’s a lot of interviewing.

Some of them were with consumers and many with professionals. Even though it’s hot outside our interviewers like to keep busy. August is looking much quieter for us and that’s where you come in.

If you have a project that goes into field in August we’ll offer you our most competitive price for interviewing and we’ll throw in a freebie such as free scripting, project management or analysis depending on the size of your project.

To take advantage of the offer click here to contact Paul Jones or call him on 020 7712 0101 today quoting ‘Summer Holiday’.