Vision is a secure gateway between Users and data. Access through the portal is via password protected login. Single login provides controlled and tailored access to data, resources and 'software as a service' (SaaS). Access your data anytime, anywhere in the world.
Easily create and share attractive and interactive Dashboards. Dashboards can be set up quickly and easily without any programming expertise. Dashboards can be based on live projects in field, post field and for tracking studies. Share and control access to your creations, with the added power and flexibility to distribute dashboard elements - optics(TM)
You can access your survey data quickly and easily with 'View'. Create simple cross tabs or charts and export to Excel and PowerPoint. For more sophisticated analysis requirements 'Vista' will give you all this and much more.
Use Vision as your 'Project Hub' to bring all your information together in one place. Store and organsise your project documents and deliverables in commononly accessible formats such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint alongside interactive tools and dashboards for fast, easy access.
Vision’s Manager allows you to personalise each users or group's experience. You determine the access rights to features and data, so that only what is relevant is seen.

'We have a Vision…'


Vision delivers attractive interactive survey data to your desktop quickly and intelligently. It is easy to use and requires no investment in software, hardware or training. Vision’s powerful and flexible infrastructure has been designed specifically for survey data and the needs of the research industry.

Vision is a software service designed for Visionaries, whether you want standalone KPI web widgets on your website or a fully customized corporate solution we have it covered. Our vision is online interactive data for everyone.

Tired of looking at one dimensional repetitive information?


Vivid is perfect for distributing data to stakeholders giving them an immediate and clear picture of what the data is telling them. You can include KPIs, written summaries, graphics and videos to really bring the data to life.

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Do you sometimes just want to get hold of the raw data?


View gives you access to the raw numbers quickly and easily. You can see counts and percentages for any question within your survey. You can create simple cross-tabs or charts with ease. Export your data to Excel or PowerPoint for greater flexibility or help with preparing presentations and reports. View is fast and simple to use, perfect for accessing your data online wherever you are.

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Ever find yourself searching for a vital document at the last minute?


With Vault, you can securely store all of your project documents in one place. Along with the survey results you can store questionnaires, reports, presentations all in one place so you never need to worry about having the correct information to hand ever again. Everything is securely and neatly stored in the Vault project folder. Access is by password protected user login, all you need is a browser and the internet and you can view or download your documents wherever you are in the world.

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Do you want to create something unique?


The online analysis tool from Askia. Askiavista enables you to create the design of your analysis and save to a portfolio. Alternatively your clients can create their own analyses using askiavista's intuitive interface. Askiavista is a comprehensive analysis tool to give you exactly what you need.

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Would you like to share dashboards on your website?


Vivid dashboards are available to embed on any website. The dashboard will have the same functionality and interactivity on your site, your clients or our Vision portal. V-sites are a great way to share key findings with your respondents or your stakeholders.

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Here is an example of a ‘Pod’ of information.Why not request a full demo to see the range of features and functionality.

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Would you like simple, fast, intuitive ways to present your survey data, gain insights and share with others? Vision is your gateway to beautiful data. Vision is a software service from Infocorp; we have 25 years experience of providing data solutions. To see how Vision could help you click below.